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Have you noticed that our buses never have more than 53 seats? And in many cases they have less than 50?
This is not an accidental choice but the result of our desire to offer customers comfortable buses, even if this means sacrificing a few seats.

If a 13-metre bus can indeed fit 58 seats, the passengers will have to deal with very confined spaces.
By reducing the number of seats to 50, on that same bus, each passenger will automatically get more space.

WI-FI on board

Connecting to the Internet is now a must for many travellers.

This is why we have equipped our buses with INTERNET access via Wi-Fi technology, which allows our passengers to connect their devices (PCs, TABLETS, SMARTPHONES) to the WEB and use the services offered.

The service must be requested at time of booking and is limited to areas with 3G/4G mobile coverage

Satellite TV

On our buses, we have experimented with new technologies making it possible to receive channels transmitted by TV satellites, even when the vehicle is in motion.

The satellite dishes are able to constantly orientate towards the satellite, even while the vehicle is moving, ensuring timely reception of the channels transmitted by the major television networks.

This means you can enjoy always different movies, sporting events and shows, while we accompany you comfortably to your destination.

The service must be requested at the time of booking, and is subject to satellite TV coverage and to current regulations regarding television rights and copyright.

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bus interiors

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